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EndNote Guide

Adding References from UCanFind

Note for Mac users: Use Firefox for searching as the download procedure is less complex.

1. Perform your search in UCanFind.

2. Save selected references to the temporary folder in UCanFind.

3. Open the folder.

Exporting from UCanFind

4. Click on Export To and select EndNote.

5. Different messages may appear depending on the browser you are using.

a) In Firefox:

The message, "You have chosen to open: export-endnote-xxxxxxxxxx.ris ... What should Firefox do with this file?"

Select "Open with" and choose EndNote X8 ... 

Click OK.

b) In Google Chrome:

  The export-endnote-.....ris file may appear at the bottom of the screen.

   Click on it.

c) In Internet Explorer:

The message "Do you want to open or save export-endnote-xxxxxxxxxx.ris from" appears.

Click Open.

6. Your references will be added to your EndNote Library.