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EndNote Guide

Adding Citations to a Word Document

Note for Mac users: You must have the full version of Word loaded.

  • Open your EndNote Library
  • Open the Word document you are writing.


Cite while you Write icons (explanation below)

1. Insert Citation
2. Format Bibliography
3. Go to Word Processor

You can insert a citation in the following way:

  • Position the cursor in the Word document where you would like to put the citation
  • Click on the Go to EndNote icon on word (this will open your EndNote Library)
  • Highlight citation you want to insert in your document
  • Click on the Insert Citation icon in toolbar (1)
  • Citation will appear in your word document and will start to create your bibliography


To view other ways of inserting citations into your document see video below.

Selecting an Output Style in Word

In Word:

  • Select the EndNote tab.
  • Click on the dropdown Style box.
  • Select the style that you require.

To add and see more styles, go to the Referencing Styles page.

Editing Citation

Highlight the citation in your word document. Click on Edit and Manage Citation(s) in the EndNote tab. An editing box will appear.

Highlight the citation you want to change.

In the Formatting dropdown box you can change the format of the citation, exclude the author or the year or show the citation in the bibliography only.

You can add pages in certain formats that have the correct coding.  Most styles will only accept pages in the suffix.