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Indigenous Studies

The First Australians

The First Australians explores contemporary Australia from the time of colonisation.  The series consists of 7 episodes which are described below. This series can also be used as great resources for teaching.

Ep.1 The have come to stay NSW (1788 – 1824) The story begins in 1788 in Sydney. This episode explores the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, in particular Bennelong and Arthur Phillip, as well as Pemulway, William Dawes and Windradyne.
Ep.2 Her will to survive Tasmania (1803 – 1880) This episode looks at the land issues in Tasmania and how Aboriginal people were removed to protect real estate prices.
Ep.3 Freedom for our lifetime Victoria (1860 – 1890) This episode is about the threat of extinction of Aboriginal people in Victoria and explores the lives of Wurundjeri clan leaders Simon Wonga and William Barak; and follows the establishment of mission stations in Victoria.
Ep.4 There is no other law Central Australia (1878 – 1897) This episode explores the history of white settlement in Central Australia and the stories of homicidal police officer Constable Wilshire, as he brings mayhem to the Arrernte nations.
Ep.5 An unhealthy government experiment Western Australia (1897 – 1937) This episode looks at European settlement in Western Australia through the stories of Jandamarra. The Stolen Generations is explored through stories of A O Neville, Chief Protector of Aboriginal people and some of the children that were taken.
Ep.6 A fair deal for a dark race South-East Australia (1937 – 1967) This episode chronicles the beginnings for the Aboriginal rights movement, as explored through Yorta Yorta man, William Cooper. Also explores the Maralinga nuclear bomb tests in the 1950’s and the life of AFL Footballer, Douglas Nicholls.
Ep.7 We are no longer shadows Queensland & Torres Strait Islands
(1967 – 1992)
This episode focuses on land rights and the story of Eddie Mabo as he fights for these rights.



KANYINI is a story told by an Aboriginal man, Bob Randall, who lives beside the greatest monolith in the world, Uluru. Based on Bob’s own personal journey and the wisdom he learnt from the old people living in the bush, Bob tells the tale of why Indigenous people are now struggling in a modern world and what needs to be done for Indigenous people to move forward.

KANYINI - Online streaming


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