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Statistics: Key Resources

This guide provides you with information on finding key sources of Australian and international statistics and data.


SPSS Statistics is a statistical analysis software package. The University of Canberra provides access to SPSS for staff and students to use in their research and studies.

SPSS for students
  • SPSS is available on all student computers on campus.

  • The Maths and Stats Help Centre (MASH) provides students with help with a range of mathematics and statistical inquiries, including introductory and business statistics, and data analysis. This service is available in person and also online through the Study Help course virtual room.

  • LinkedIn Learning has an SPSS training module for current staff and students.

SPSS for staff
  • SPSS can be installed on staff work computers through the Software Center app.

  • For SPSS installation and technical help, contact the ITM Service Desk.