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Reading Lists

This guide provides information about creating reading lists

Tutorial video

Before you start

Your new Canvas course page must be more than 24 hours old before you can attach or roll over a list to it.

This allows the hidden automatic computer magic to copy your course information into the Reading Lists system.

Create a new reading list from scratch


Choose a template to structure your list:

  • Blank.
  • By Topic.
  • By Week.

Once you select a template, you will be asked to "Associate to course".  

Associate your reading list with a course:

  1. Click on ASSOCIATE LIST.
  2. Enter title or code into the search box.
  3. Click Associate.
  4. The Course Code will now appear in the header of the list. Start working on your new list.

Structuring your list

If you have chosen the Blank Template, you must add at least one section before you can add readings.


Give the section a title.

Do you need to create a new list?

If your unit has been run before, you can roll over the existing list to the new teaching period.

Adding a Collaborator

You can add other UC staff as collaborators to your reading list so they are able to view or edit items. These may include co-conveners or other teaching staff.

  1. From the reading list view, on the right panel “Collaborators”, click “Manage Collaborators”.
  1. Invite new collaborators searching by name or staff number
  1. Click “Send invitation”
  1. Once a collaborator is added, click back on "Manage collaborators" to change rights:
  •  Only “EDIT” rights (Can edit, add, remove & change readings within a list)
  • OR full “MANAGE” rights (full control that includes creating/editing ‘Sections’, deleting a list and add/remove Collaborators)
  • To delete a collaborator click on the X next to the name