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Reading Lists

This guide provides information about creating reading lists

Question: Is there video tutorials on how-to use Reading Lists?

Yes, please view:

Your questions and our guidance:

I want a chapter copied (digitised), but I also want the book to be placed in the Short Loan Collection?

After you add the book chapter to the list, you can tag it twice: once to select Required or Recommended and once to select Request: Library copy this chapter (Copyright limit one chapter).

Note: Tags are not visible to students.

How much can be copied under the Copyright Act's 'Fair dealing' exemption?

The Copyright Act's 'Fair dealing' allows the use of text material without permission for the following purposes:

  1. research or study - 10% or one chapter/article.

Please refer to the Copyright guide for more information.

I would like to add a book that is not held in the Library, what do I do? 

To add an item not held, click on the ADD ITEMS + icon, then select the Create tab.

From the Type dropdown choose the format ie, book, book chapter, website etc, and complete the template details.

Click Add.

When the Library processes your list they will order access to the e-book based on your student enrolment numbers. 

What is My Collection?

My Collection is a personal saved list of Library items or external links. You can add them to a Reading List by clicking the Open Collection button within your selected list, and dragging the item into the correct position in the list.

I want to add a RIS file of readings to My Collection

Go to My Collection. From Options menu, click Import.  You can drag a RIS file into the yellow box. Or click to browse and find the file of exported list from your citation manager. Click Confirm.   Drag and drop the items to the section of the reading list you want them to be.

More questions:

How long will my request take to process once "Sent to Library"?

The library will review and action your request as soon as possible - time taken will depend on the action required and the time of year. 

There may be processing delays in the week before O-Week, O-Week and Week One of a teaching period. 

New books or editions are ordered as soon as possible but we are reliant on publishers timelines.

Can I use the reading list I created in the previous teaching period again?

Yes, please see the steps on Roll over an existing reading list

Where do I get help with my reading lists?

Please email Service Desk or attend one of the daily drop-in sessions for face to face help.