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Reading Lists

This guide provides information about creating reading lists

Using Cite It

Usng CIte It is the easiest way to add items from the web to your list.

You can collect resources using the bookmarklet tool whilst browsing the web, including items that are not in the Library catalogue that you wish to recommend for purchase

Follow the steps below to install the bookmarklet.

Step 1 - Click on your name on the top right of the screen and select 'Leganto Cite It!'

Step 2 - In the new window, click on and drag the blue 'CITE IT!' button in to your browser toolbar;

Step 3 - While logged in to Leganto,  in another window, find a relevant item on your chosen website and click on the 'Cite it!' button in your browser toolbar;

Step 4 - An Add this to My Collection or List popup appears containing the details of the item;

Step 5 - Select the appropriate 'Type' for your item from the drop-down menu, check the details are correct, then click the 'Collect' button;