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Reading Lists

This guide provides information about creating reading lists

Exercise caution: Compliance with Standards, Copyright, Licences

The Library may not use uploaded files if:

They do not comply with Disability Standards for Education (Disability Discrimination Act), such as photocopied chapters.

They do not comply with the educational exemptions of the Copyright Act.

Subscribed licensed content is available,

Web resources are freely available.

The Disability Standards for Education 2005 clarify the obligations of education and training providers, and seek to ensure that students with disability can access and participate in education on the same basis as students without disability.

Tutorial video

To add a book chapter to your readings

1. Search for the Chapter title or for the book title.

2. Drag and drop the citation or select on the select the title then select "Add and edit"

3. If the chapter needs to be copied, i.e. the library does not hold an e-book, click in the tags box and select the tag Request: Library copy this chapter (Copyright limit one chapter).

Note: Tags are not visible to students.

Convert a book reference to a chapter

If you have added a book to your reading list but only want your students to read a chapter:

1. Click on the option (...) next to to the book title to edit the reference.

2. In the Type drop down list, choose 'Book Chapter.' Add the required information.

3. Save.

If you would like the Library to copy up to one chapter for you, add the tag Request: Library copy this chapter (Copyright limit one chapter).

Note: Tags are not visible to students (don't waste time adding them to readings that are not required, or recommended readings, including articles).

Adding material which is not in the Library collection

To add an item not held, select Include records without full-text access, then search, and select a record to add.

Or if you cannot find a record click on the  ADD ITEMS +  icon, then select the Blank Form or Upload a File option.

Choose the Type item, select Add.

When the Library processes your list they will try to locate journal articles or purchase e-books.

For a further option for adding content, see "Using Cite it to add Web Resources".