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Read & Publish Agreements AND Publisher Discounts: Wiley

This guide explains the new Read & Publish open access agreements introduced for researchers by UC Library in 2022. These agreements remove fees (APCs) payable by authors for open access publishing to included publishers and journals

Wiley - Read & Publish Agreement

The University of Canberra has a Read & Publish Agreement with Wiley for the calendar year 2022

Wiley Journals included in this agreement

This list of Wiley journals includes the Read & Publish status for each title.

Eligible Article Types

Generally the article types included in the agreement are:

  • Primary research and review articles, including but not limited to original research articles
  • Case studies
  • Reviews
  • Short communications

See the complete list of eligible article types in Wiley's list of article classifications 

Limitations of agreement

  • This agreement for open access publishing with Wiley is limited to 6,388 articles in total in 2022 from all participating institutions - this number was calculated as 101% of the total number of accepted works from participating institutions in 2021
  • Articles must be accepted for publication by a participating journal between 1/1/2022 and 31/12/2022 for this agreement to apply
  • Page and colour charges are not included under the terms of this agreement.

CC Licenses

Articles from authors at participating institutions will be published under the author's choice of the following licences:

  • CC-BY
  • CC-BY-NC

For more information on Creative Commons licenses see the home page of this guide

How to submit your article

  1. Follow the publisher's usual article submission process via the journal’s homepage.
  2. On acceptance of the article, the corresponding author selects open access, confirms the licence type (e.g. CC-BY), and indicates funder and their institutional affiliation using Wiley Author Services.
  3. The APC will be waived for authors who have 
    • used an institutional email address belonging to one of the participating institutions and
    • selected a participating institution as their institutional affiliation.
  4. Corresponding authors need to be affiliated with a participating institution to qualify for this agreement. Eligibility will be recognised by via the corresponding author's email address and institutional affiliation. Authors can  update their Wiley profile if necessary.

For more information on the author workflow refer to this step-by-step guide on publishing open access in Wiley hybrid journals.