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Sources for images and photographs, and information on referencing images

Referencing Guides

Referencing images

Images that you decide to use in a presentation, web site, or research paper must be cited according to the style you are using (APA, Harvard, etc.) Any images obtained from the web or scanned from a print source must be attributed to the owner of the copyrighted work.

The following elements may be required in the citation:

  • Artist's Name, if known
  • Title of Image
  • Title or description of image
  • Institution where held, if known.
  • Title of article or book (if applicable)
  • Author of article or book (if applicable)
  • Title and Date of magazine (if applicable)
  • Database name (if applicable)
  • Date of access if online or the publication if originally from print material
  • URL (if applicable)

The level of detail required for a published research paper might be different than for a class or conference presentation where just a URL linking to the original source might suffice.

Image referencing examples

Links to selected image referencing guides on the Web: