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Terms of Use

By accessing any UC Library electronic resource, you:

  1. understand the materials you are accessing are subject to the terms of a licence agreement between UC and the provider of the materials;
  2. acknowledge that the licence agreement is readily available to you via the provider’s website or is otherwise able to be provided by UC on request prior to your access to the licensed material;
  3. warrant you have read and understood the licence agreement and have had the opportunity to seek independent legal advice on its terms;
  4. understand that a breach of the licence agreement terms may significantly affect or prohibit yours and UC’s future use of the licensed materials;
  5. agree to be bound by the terms of the licence agreement as they apply to you as the user and to not do anything that would cause UC to be in breach of the licence agreement; and
  6. agree to not use the materials (or any part thereof) that you access through the database in connection with generative artificial intelligence systems, including, without limitation, to develop, train, program, improve, and/or enrich any such system, or to permit any third party to do any of the foregoing.