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Information for Researchers

This guide contains information about services and resources specifically for academic researchers and postgraduates at University of Canberra.

Keeping up-to-date

Keeping up-to-date or staying current in your field is becoming increasingly difficult due to an explosion of information and tools available.


Alerts notify you by e-mail or RSS feed of new records that are added to a database that match search terms you have specified. You can create as many alerts as you can manage.

There are three types of Alert:

  • Search Alerts
  • Citation Alerts
  • Table of Contents (TOC Alerts)

To create alerts, you must first sign in or register with on the database's website. This is a free service and involves creating a password to access your alert account.

Social Media


Depending on the topic or subject area, social media such as Twitter can be used to follow people, organizations and groups that are of interest to you. 

Discussion lists, groups and e-mail lists

You can also join discussion lists, groups or email lists related to your area of interest. For example Google Groups

Web page changes

These sites enable you to track webpages or sites to notify you of any changes that you are monitoring. 


How to create a citation alert in Web of Science

A citation alerts notifies you by e-mail whenever a document you specify has been cited by a new article. The alert is active for one year. You may renew the alert at any time. You will receive an e-mail approximately two weeks before the alert expires to remind you to renew the alert.

To create an alert, you must be a registered user and you must sign in to Web of Science.

Sign in to Web of Science.

Run a search from the Search or Advanced Search page to find records for which you want to create a Citation Alert.

From the Results page, select the title of a record to go to the Full Record page.

Click the Create Citation Alert link to open the Create Citation Alert overlay dialog.

Your e-mail name will appear in the EMail Address field. Select an e-mail format: Plain Text, HTML, EndNote, or Field Tagged.

Click the Create Citation Alert link to create the citation alert for the current record

Click the Close button to return to the Full Record page.

Select Saved Searches & Alerts from the My Tools menu to go to the Saved Searches and Alerts page.

Select the Citation Alerts tab to view the article for which you created the citation alert.