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Information for Researchers

This guide contains information about services and resources specifically for academic researchers and postgraduates at University of Canberra.

What is SPSS?

SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) is a computer application for the statistical analysis of data. It allows for in-depth data access and preparation, analytical reporting, graphics and modelling.

What is NVivo?

NVivo logo

NVivo is a software application for storing, organising, and analysing non-numeric or unstructured data for qualitative research.

Accessing SPSS or NVivo

SPSS is installed on student machines throughout campus. NOTE: as at 22/6/17, NVivo is only available on student computers in Library Training Room 4 (8A13).

Installation disks available in the Short Loan collection:

  • NVivo - available for 7 day loan to UC Staff and Students.Call no: H61.3.N95 (Library level C)
  • SPSS - only UC Staff may borrow SPSS installation disks. Call no: HA32.65 (Library Short Loan, level B)
    (Unfortunately our license agreement does not allow SPSS disks to be lent to UC Students or other members of the UC community.)‚Äč

UC staff and HDR students may also access SPSS and NVivo in these ways:

  1. Bruce campus computers 
    •  load the Software Center (if using a PC, click on the Windows symbol in the bottom left and search for 'Software Center' (note 'center' not 'centre.')
    • Click on the program to install.
  2. Offshore institutions e.g. Singapore. Contact Service Desk to request access.