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This guide provides copyright information and links, but not legal opinion, which are relevant to the University community

Copyright Compliance in Recording & Streaming Lectures

If you record your lectures (or they are automatically recorded by Echo360) for later streaming and/or downloading, you must make sure that only authorised copyright material is included in the recording that is distributed to students.

There may be differences between presenting original copyright materials in a lecture and making a copy of these materials available via a lecture recording. 

In the following, ‘streaming’ includes the availability of a lecture recording for live viewing, and the facility for students to download  a lecture recording for later viewing.

Streaming Podcasts

You can stream the following podcasts:

A Part VA Warning notice must be displayed just before the podcast is downloaded by the students.

Streaming Commercially Produced DVDs

  • commercially produced DVDs can be shown in a class but they (including soundtrack) should not be recorded as part of the lecture
  • commercially produced DVDs cannot be streamed via streaming services such as Echo360, without the copyright owner’s permission
  • recording, copying or streaming a DVD without the copyright owner's permission is an infringement of copyright legislation and can incur severe penalties
  • if a licence to stream the material cannot be obtained, it may be possible to stream some or all of the film to students under s200AB, the flexible dealing section in the Copyright Act. A number of important tests have to be applied to each case before s200AB can be used. If you wish to stream a particular film and cannot obtain a licence, discuss your needs with the UC Copyright Officer.

Streaming Lectures Containing Images & Diagrams

  • You can copy diagrams and figures by hand from third-party copyright material during a lecture but if you capture these with a document camera or other means and make them available online to students you must follow these procedures:
  • ensure that a Part VB Warning Notice is displayed before the lecture is downloaded by students (this is automatically displayed at the beginning of every UC Echo recording)
  • if you include works such as photographs, illustrations and diagrams from third-party copyright material in a PowerPoint presentation to a class display the Part VB Warning Notice as the first slide of your presentation

            Part VB warning notice

  • acknowledge the author of each work so that you abide by the moral rights clauses of the Copyright Act


Academics have a personal responsibility to ensure that their course is compliant with Copyright, including courses which they have 'taken over' from another academic.

Pardee Hall - English Department

Pardee Hall - English Department by Lafayette College under a CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 licence

Streaming Lectures Containing Segments from Literary Works

The Copyright Act allows you to read from a literary work and to perform a dramatic work in a class or lecture. If you record a lecture containing excerpts from these works you must take the following actions:

  • observe the limits on copying set down in Part VB of the Copyright Act
  • ensure that the Part VB Warning Notice is displayed before the students download the lecture (this is automatically displayed at the beginning of every UC Echo recording)
  • acknowledge the author of each work so that you abide by the moral rights clauses of the Copyright Act (you may acknowledge authors in a number of ways such as on a Powerpoint slide, or by projecting a list of references at the end of a lecture being recorded)

Streaming TV Broadcasts Recorded Off-Air Under Part VA of the Copyright Act

  • copies of TV broadcasts received in Australia can be shown in class and the soundtrack can be recorded as part of your lecture
  • since the copy was recorded under Part VA and the Screenrights Agreement it can be streamed to students in a secure environment such as Moodle.
  • a Part VA Warning Notice must be displayed before the file opens (this is not automatically included at the beginning of every Echo recording), and this can be done by projecting the Notice so it is captured by Echo prior to the broadcast opening

Streaming CDs & Sound Recordings

Under the Music Licence you can stream CDs and sound recordings to students and staff but:

  • downloading of music files is not permitted
  • lectures containing music within the scope of the Music Licence cannot be downloaded from an intranet or internet site. If your lectures include music used in accordance with the Music Licence, you must arrange for that lecture to be delivered via streaming only (See Copyright Guide, Section 13 Music.)