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Streaming Video

ClickView - Staff

ClickView staff  View of tabs available

► Dashboard

       ClickView landing page showing new releases & popular titles.

► Libraries

      Content added to the 'UC ClickView Library' is accessible to all students. The UC ClickView library contains titles requested by staff and students.

  •    For information on adding titles to the UC ClickView Library - see the 'Add & Share Content' tab.

View of UC ClickView Library selection










► Exchange 

       A repository of feature films, documentaries & TV programs - that other educational institutions have elected to share. Titles from the exchange can be selected to share with the UC ClickView Library & UC students. 

Has this title already been added to the library & shared with students? 

The blue 'library' indicates that a title has been placed in the UC ClickView Library or is in ClickView University Library - accessible to all students & staff. The green 'exchange' indicates the item is only in the exchange and is not viewable to all students. However, titles can be added to the UC ClickView Library so all students can access.

Image of how to identify if title has been added to the UC ClickView library

► Workspace

       Your own private workspace - edit interactive videos, and TV programmes.

► Playlists

       Curate a collection of videos relevant to your requirements. Short video on - How to create a playlist?

Create New Playlists form the Playlist tab

  • Select the + New Playlist
  • Name the New playlist & select 'Create'.
  • New Playlist folder now shows under playlist tab.
  • Now programmes can be added to your playlist/s.

► TV

       Rolling 14 days of TV recordings from free to air TV - 28 days if selecting the Queensland region. Option to select TV content to be added to your workspace.  See TV Content tab, above for more information.


      ►Please note students have different access to ClickView content ►

  • Students do not have access to the TV & Exchange tabs.
  • Students access ClickView content via the UC ClickView library, ClickView University Library or their Unit Reading List.


► Find resources

       New release titles at ClickView Exchange

How to Find Films


► From the Exchange tab select Categories and Films.

Image showing how to find the films





  1. Browse films - scroll down list of over 5,000 movies.
  2. Search for a specific film - use the search option on the top right.


Image showing how to search for films

Select TV Region

TV Tab - select Region & select which state you are searching for TV content.

  • You can change the TV region at anytime.
  • Queensland region covers the last 4 weeks content & all other states the last 2 weeks.

Image showing how to select TV region

Find TV content

TV content can be found by Selecting the TV tab.

Search by ► General search from Home tab  ►  Channels  ► Programmes ► TV Guide.

Image showing options to search for TV content

Request content from free to air TV & Foxtel (AUS)

The TV guide can be used to select TV content ahead of time. Requested content is automatically added to your 'Workspace' when it becomes available.

Request programs ahead of time? Request Ad free TV?


     ► Free to air TV - Request

  • Select TV - then TV Guide tab.
  • Select the date -  then find the programme you wish to request.
  • Select the 'Add to Workspace' button to the left of the TV Title.
  • Programme will be forwarded to your workspace - when available.

Image showing TV Guide and how to request a program


     ► Foxtel (AUS) - Request

  • Requests need to be made 3 days in advance of program airing.
  • Ad-free TV shows are automatically sent to your workspace when they are available.
  • Instructions on requesting Foxtel content.


ClickView TV Tutorials - Closed Caption searching - Using TV Cloud Editor.

► Add content to UC ClickView Library

    — Adding content to the UC ClickView Library ensures students have access —

  • Find the content you want students to access.
  • Click Options & select 'Add to your library'.
  • Library staff will add selected title to the UC ClickView Library.
  • Once the content is in the UC ClickView library it is available to all students.

Image showing how to select a title to be added to the UC ClickView library

► How to Share a Video

  • Select the 'Share' tab - then 'Link" option.
  • Copy link directly to Canvas.  

Image showing playlist and share options


► Playlists - Create & Add content


     ►  ClickView Help Centre

Access to tutorials on how to get started, search frequently asked questions and contact the support team.


     ►  ClickView Tertiary Training Videos

Training videos specifically aimed at tertiary level


     ►  Liaison Librarian

Further help required, please email -