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AccessPharmacy is a comprehensive pharmacy resource that includes leading textbooks, an extensive multimedia library, self-assessment quizzes, drug therapy cases and an integrated drug database.

   ♦    Shows detailed drug animations of complicated concepts, along with evaluation and treatment recommendations.
   ♦   Provides videos illustrating fundamental medical concepts drawn from leading textbooks.

Create a personal account with 'MyAccess' Profile

You can access information from AccessPharmacy using your UC email and password. You do not have to create a MyAccess Profile to access information in AccessPharmacy.

If you have already created a MyAccess Profile for AccessPhysiotherapy - the same login can be used for AccessPharmacy.


Creating a personal MyAccess Profile gives you the ADDED options to -Image of MyAccess Sign In
  • Bookmark favourite content such as videos and chapters to view later.
  • Organise content relevant to you, into specific folders.
  • Create and take quizzes - track your progress.
  • Receive tailored alerts about new content.
  • Download multiple images to PowerPoint, with citations and reference automatically populating.
  • Check your history of recently viewed content.
To create a personal 'MyAccess' Profile
  • click on Sign In at the top right of the database window. MyAccess Sign In box opens.
  • Select  'Create a Free MyAccess Profile' button.
  • Complete the MyAccess Profile form - creating a username & password.


MyAccess Profile opens, showing your personalised options.

♦ Please note to keep your MyAccess profile you must login into it at least once within 90 days.






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