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Specialist Database Help & Search Tips

This guide helps users search in, Mint Global, Westlaw AU, Westlaw, LexisNexis AU, Nexis, Web of Science and Scopus.


Basic search

Basic Search

1. In the Scopus Search for box, enter your search term(s) or phrase(s).
2. Using the drop-down list, choose the field that the terms should appear in.

3.  If necessary, you can add more text boxes. Click Add search field to display another text box and select a field.

  • You can search different fields for each text box. For example, you can use one to search for an author's name, and the other for keywords.

  • You can use Add search field to add as many text boxes as you need.

  • To remove a text box, click the X at the end of the row. The text box, with the associated search terms and drop-downs, are deleted from the search form.

  • To clear the form of all additional text boxes and search terms, click Reset form.

4. If you use more than one text box, select an operator from the drop-down list.
5. Use the Date Range options to limit your search to a certain time period:
  • Published: Limit your search to articles published within a range of years (inclusive).

  • Added to Scopus in the last n days: Limit your search to documents that have been added to Scopus in the last 7, 14, or 30 days.

6.  Use the Document Type list to limit your search to a specific type of document, such as reviews or conference papers.
7.  Select one or more Subject Areas to limit your search.
8.  Click the search button to run the search.
For more information see Scopus Help