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Specialist Database Help & Search Tips

This guide helps users search in, Mint Global, Westlaw AU, Westlaw, LexisNexis AU, Nexis, Web of Science and Scopus.

company reports

In the top drop down list labelled “Find a company”, add the company name. Run the search.

If you need to find all the companies in the ORBIS database that meet specific criteria use the "Find a search criterion" search box.

Industry reports

In the middle drop down list, choose Industry.  

Click Industry classifications  in the right column.

Select MarketLine, search by industry name in the search box, or select an industry in the list below.

If an industry cannot be selected it indicates no report available for that industry.

Selected industries will list in the right column, then click OK.

A new screen will appear. Click View results. 

Click the profile title to open the report