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Library Search

The new search engine for the UC Library

Simple Search

Use AND to retrieve results that contain all of your search terms: 
Australia AND aborigines.

Use OR to retrieve results that contain any or all of your search terms:
politics OR government.

Use NOT to exclude irrelevant results:
cancer NOT lung.

Combine terms with paranthesis to group together search terms:
(tertiary OR university) AND education.

Use Quotation Marks to search for a phrase: "lung cancer".

Use an Asterisk to search for words with different endings: manag* will also search for manage, management, manager etc.

Use a Question Mark to replace a single letter in a word: wom?n.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search enables you to improve the precision of your search. You can select:

  • Search for: a collection, e.g. Everything, Course Reserves, National Centre for Australian Children's Literature
  • Any field: determine which fields of a record to search
  • Material type: book or journal etc
  • Language
  • Date

How do I limit my search results?

Tick this box if you want to include items that are not held by the UC Library.

You can sort results by Relevance, Date Newest, Date Oldest, Title, Author.

You can also use these filters to refine your results.

How do I save, print or email results?

My Favorites is where you can keep tract of what you found in your searches. You can add things to the Favorites without being signed-in but they will disappear once you exit Library Search. 

For individual records, click on the Pin icon for each item.  Select the Pin icon at the top of the screen to view your marked records.

To email, print, send to EndNote items from your Favorites:

  1. Click the checkbox next to each item to select them
  2. Click the three dots: ... ("Push to" Actions menu)
  3. Select email, print, EndNote/RIS from the menu