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Reading Lists

This guide provides information about creating reading lists

Reading Lists at the University of Canberra

The Reading List service enables students to access to library materials in one simple list.

Faculty build lists of resources that include all material types such as journal articles and e-books, with librarians purchasing materials not held.

Please see also the Unit Resources and Copyright guide for information.

Question: Do I need to use Reading Lists?

  • Do you have a Required or Recommended text? 
  • Are you making copies of print resources available electronically to your students?
  • Are you linking to subscribed journal articles?

Then yes, Reading Lists will be an asset.

Question: Is there video tutorials on how-to use Reading Lists?

Yes, please view:

Benefits of using Reading Lists

  • Build lists, edit and update them in one place.
  • Create a Reading List communicating to the Library your e-book purchasing list. 
  • Assure equity of access to textbooks for all students (Higher Education Support Act 2003 (HESA).
  • Facilitates the Library producing high quality scanned copies of print chapters.
  • At the beginning of each semester, you can roll over your reading lists, and edit.
  • View Analytics.
  • Importantly, the Library will manage your copyright on behalf of the University.