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Reading Lists

This guide provides information about reading lists

Reading Lists at the University of Canberra

Reading Lists enable students to access to library materials on one simple list.

Academic staff build lists of resources, with librarians purchasing resources not held.

Please see also the Unit Resources and Copyright guide.

Question: Are there video tutorials on how-to use Reading Lists?

Yes, please view:

Need to communicate with Library staff?

Use Library Discussion (at right of the Reading List screen).

Benefits of using Reading Lists

  • Use tags to state to your students and the library your Recommended and Required readings. When the library team process your list they will try to purchase e-books.
  • Link to ebook chapters using the ADD ITEMS + option.
  •  Link to journal articles using the ADD ITEMS + option.
  • If chapters from paper copy books need to be copied - Tag citations: Library to copy (scan) chapter.
  • The library produce high quality scanned copies of chapters, when Copyright exemptions allow.
  • If articles need to sourced - Tag citations: Library to source article.
  • You can roll over your reading lists each teaching period.
  • View Analytics.
  • The Library will manage Copyright Act exemptions compliance.