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This guide provides you with links to online resources for Law

Finding Cases

To find a case by name, citation or subject use a case citator. Citators track a case's history and its treatment by subsequent courts, as well a providing links to relevant cases, legislation and secondary sources. Examples are 

CaseBase Citator (Lexis Advance) 

First Point (a subset of the Westlaw AU database)

Australian case Law Databases

How to Read a Legal Citation

Understanding all of the elements to a case citation is the first step to locating the report and understanding the court judgments. The table below will explain how to read the citation Mabo v Queensland [No 2] (1992)175 CLR 1 to locate the correct source:

Mabo v Queensland [No 2] (1992) 175 CLR 


These are the names of the principal parties. 

The v is read as" and " in Australia

This number distinguishes
this case from other with the same case name

This is the year of the report

This is the volume number of the report series

This is the abbreviation of the law report series. CLR is the Commonwealth Law Reports. 

This is the first page of the case report. 


Self Help Tools

The following videos provide guidance on how to search for cases using the specific law databases:

Legal Abbreviations

Legal citations use abbreviations for publications and the courts themselves - For example, HCA for High Court of Australia and CLR for the Commonwealth Law Reports. 

Find the official abbreviations for legal publications:

International Case Law Databases