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Reading Lists

This guide provides information about creating reading lists

Copyright information

All documents included in Reading Lists must adhere to current copyright guidelines - this is across the whole campus: 

  • 10% or 1 chapter of a book, whichever is greater,
  • one article per journal issue,  or more than one if it is for the same research topic.

Please refer to the Copyright guide page on class readings for more details.

Please email your questions to Copyright Officer at UC.

Copyright Act and Database Vendor Licensing Compliance

Can I just put up my own PDF scans e.g. on other Canvas pages?

Reading Lists staff monitor Copyright Act (Cth) compliance on behalf of Academic staff to ensure the University does not breach the relevant section of the Copyright Act (Cth).

If Academic staff upload their own files, there is the potential that staff may unknowingly not comply with the Fair dealing exemption of the Copyright Act (Cth).

When the University is periodically audited by the Copyright Agency (the declared collecting society for the educational and government statutory licenses in Australia), Reading Lists staff are able to provide assurance of compliance with the Fair dealing exemption during a current teaching period. More information, see Copyright.

Journal articles in subscription databases:

The University's licences with database vendors provide access to subscribed journal content. Reading Lists staff, where possible, will always provide access via a link; whereas lecturers placing a PDF directly onto UCLearn (Canvas) will breach the University's license conditions.

Copying limits

How much of a book or other item can be reproduced for Reading Lists?

The following copyright regulations for reproduction apply for the entire University:

The Commonwealth Copyright Act 1968 allows certain uses of copyright, free of charge, without the permission of the copyright owner, under the Fair dealing exemption:

Fair dealing for the purpose of, or associated with, an approved course of study or research by an enrolled student or researcher of an educational institution:

Fair dealing allows the making of a single copy from a book, of up to one chapter, or 10% whichever is the greater: and the whole of one only article in a periodical publication (i.e. one from each issue).

Source: University of Canberra Copyright Guide - Your Rights and Responsibilities.