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The University of Canberra is a member of Intersect.

One of the many services Intersect provide is assistance with storage of your primary research data through the Intersect node of the federally funded Research Data Storage Infrastructure. Storage from gigabytes to petabytes is available by merit allocation.

See the UC e-Research and  Intersect websites  for more information.

Data Management Plans

A Data Management Plan is a formal document you create at the start of your project which describes all aspects of your data.

It allows you to document your strategy for managing your research data. It reflects your data management decisions and can also be used to record questions and items for action. It's a living document and can be updated as your project develops and your data management strategy is refined.

If you are working in a team, a data management plan can be used to document individual responsibilities and make sure everyone has a shared understanding. It is also a useful document for reporting to funding bodies.

Creating a data management plan can help you better prepare for your research at the beginning of a project, but it's never too late in the research lifecycle to document a plan.

The main components of a data management plan:

  • Context - project details and purpose, funding and partners
  • Data collection - what kind of data and how will it be collected, is it to be created or other data reused and built upon
  • Related policies - funding body requirements, institutional or research group guidelines
  • Responsibilities - roles and responsibilities as a researcher and for implementing this plan
  • Adherence - the who, when & how will adherence to this plan be reviewed
  • Data organisation & file formats - file & folder structure, naming conventions, file formats, versioning & file transformation
  • Documentation & metadata - e.g. lab notebooks, protocols, software syntax, data dictionaries, database schema, data provenance etc.
  • Storage & security - responsibilities, back-ups, access & security arrangements
  • Data protection & rights - IP rights, ethical & privacy issues
  • Preservation sharing & licensing - maintaining, curating, archiving, preserving & disposing plans for the data

The University of Adelaide have created a good example of a Data Management Plan template

Research Data Resources

Is This You & Your Data? (video)

Research Grant Applications & Data Management

From February 2014 the Australian Research Council (ARC) has introduced the requirement for funding applications for National Competitive Grants (Discovery; Linkage) to provide an outline of your data management plan. The outline should describe your plans for the management of data produced as a result of the proposed research, including but not limited to

  • storage
  • access &
  • reuse arrangements

This text is not expected to be more than half a page.

Please note however that while the ARC strongly encourage the sharing of data, the changes to the funding rules are not mandating open data.

Copyright & Data

How To Cite Datasets & Link To Publications

Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research

The effective management of research data is an important component of the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research.

Good practice in data management is required to maintain reliable and accurate data throughout the data's lifecycle. Good data management will also facilitate data re-use after completion of the project and enable others to replicate research outcomes into the future.

Data Management Resources