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EndNote Guide

Adding References From Databases

Note for Mac users: Use Firefox for searching as the download procedure is less complex.

The following are basic instructions for using the export command:

  1. Perform your search in the database
  2. Choose your citations
  3. Select the direct Export option to EndNote

This process will vary slightly among database vendors.  For further information or assistance, please use the Help button in the database.

Instructions for downloading from different databases are available in the document EndNote Exporting from Databases.


Exporting from an EBSCO database to EndNote (Source: UTS Library)   Note: This process is for a Mac using Firefox.

Importing References from Scopus database

  1. Enter your search terms and click Search.
  2. Mark references by clicking in the tick box at the left of each one.
  3. Click Export above the results list.
  4. Select RIS format.
  5. Choose the Information to Export > Citations and Abstract Information.
  6. Click the Export button.
  7. Click on the scopus.ris file at the bottom of the screen.

Importing References from Google Scholar

Setting preferences for EndNote

1. Go to Settings
2. Bibliography manager
3. Select Show links to import citations into
4. Select EndNote
5. Click Save


Importing search results

1. In the results list, you will see "Import into EndNote" under each reference.
2. Click Import into EndNote,  a text box will open, click on OK.
3. EndNote library will open showing the imported reference.