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EndNote Guide

Term Lists (Journal Abbreviations)

If the referencing style requires the use of abbreviated journal titles, EndNote will use the Terms List to replace the full title of the journal. To show abbreviated journal titles in the bibliography, you will need to set up a Term List.

From the Tools menu, select Open Term Lists, and then select Journals Term List
An existing journal term list linked to your EndNote library must first be deleted prior to importing a journal term list.

1.     Select one term and press Ctrl+A to highlight all terms

2.     Click Delete Term to delete all existing terms from your list

a. Click on the Lists tab and highlight the Journals list

b. Click Import List

3.     A Term List window will appear

4.     Select the list you want to use

5.     Click Open

6.     The journal names and abbreviations are now in your EndNote Journals term list

7.     Close

Journal Names: How to Set Up a Journals Term List (Source: Clarivate Analytics)