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EndNote Guide

Adding Footnotes

Inserting footnotes into your Word document:

  1. Open your Endnote library and select the citation that you wish to insert.
  2. In Word, place the cursor at the position where you want to place the in-text citation.  Then select the References tab, and click on Insert Footnote.
  3. Now place your cursor in the footnote, and select the Endnote tab.  Ensure that you have the correct style selected (in the Bibliography group). 
  4. Insert the selected Endnote citation. Use this procedure for any citations that you insert.
  5. If you need to amend the footnote using the "Edit Citations" button on the Endnote tab.
  6. Insert a page break at the end of the main text, before your bibliography.
  7. Your bibliography should start on a new page, and the footnotes should appear at the bottom of each page, correctly formatted.

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