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Open Educational Resources

What are Open Educational Resources?

“Open Education Resources (OERs), are educational materials which are licensed in ways that provide permissions for individuals and institutions to re-use, adapt and modify the materials for their own use. OERs can, and do include full courses, textbooks, streaming videos, exams, software, and any other materials or techniques supporting learning.”                  

       - OER Foundation .

Getting Started

Start with understanding Creative Commons (CC) Australia. Most OER are under Creative Commons terms.

Use the side menu on this guide to find the relevant resources for you:

  • For Educators - teaching materials, such as syllabi, lecture notes, assignment, lab manuscript, lab reports.
  • For Learners - free or affordable textbooks and other course materials.


Tools for Finding OER


 Federated searches
Sites providing searches across multiple OER repositories are being developed, examples include:

 Collections of OER sites

Open Image Sharing