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Reading Lists

This guide provides information about creating reading lists

Tutorial video

Send your list to the Library


After you have created and edited your list, make sure you send it to the Library. 

  • From the top of the list click on LIBRARY REVIEW

The Library will check your list and take any appropriate action:-

  • purchase e-books.
  • If no e-books are available - move books to Short Loan Collection if they are prescribed readings ie. tagged 'Required Text' OR 'Recommended Text'.
    • Note: Tags are not visible to students.


  • process digitisation requests (chapters or articles).
  • do copyright registrations.
  • set your list as Published.

Adding additional items to a completed list

Once published you are still able to continue to add or remove readings from your list

If you add additional items to a list once it is completed (published), click LIBRARY REVIEW so that the Library can process any new items, including new chapters and process the copyright clearance. 

Without copyright approval by the library, the reading will NOT be visible to students.

For more information see the Copyright tab.