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Reading Lists

This guide provides information about reading lists

Tutorial video

Add a book chapter

1. Search for the Chapter title or book title.

2. Add citations by dragging or select Add. 

3. Requirement: If the chapter needs to be copied, tag it Library to copy (scan) chapter.

Add an article

1. Search for the article title.

2. Add citations by dragging or select Add. 

3. Requirement: If the article is not held and needs to be sourced, tag it Library to source article.

Revise a book citation to a chapter citation

If you have added a book but only want your students to read a chapter:

1. On the citation click on the dots ... then Edit item.

2. In the Type choose Book Chapter.

3. Add the title, then Save.

Adding material which is not in the Library collection

To add an item not held by the Library, select Include records without full-text access and try searching again.

If you cannot find a record, choose ADD ITEMS +, write your citation details in the form, then select Add. 

Tag the citation as appropriate: e.g. Required, Recommended, Library to copy (scan) chapter, Library to source article, etc..

Choose the citation's ellipsis ... and select Send to Library.

(Another option to add citations to your list is using Cite It! See tutorial video: Adding resources with Cite It!)