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Read & Publish Agreements AND Publisher Discounts: CSIRO

This guide explains the new Read & Publish open access agreements introduced for researchers by UC Library in 2022. These agreements remove fees (APCs) payable by authors for open access publishing to included publishers and journals

CSIRO - Read & Publish Agreement

The University of Canberra has a Read & Publish Agreement with CSIRO for the calendar year 2022

CSIRO Journals included in this agreement

CSIRO Journals included in this agreement:

  • Animal Production Science
  •  Australian Journal of Botany
  •  Australian Journal of Chemistry
  •  Australian Journal of Zoology
  •  Australian Systematic Botany
  •  Crop and Pasture Science
  •  Environmental Chemistry
  •  Functional Plant Biology
  •  Invertebrate Systematics
  •  Marine and Freshwater Research
  •  Pacific Conservation Biology
  •  Reproduction, Fertility and Development
  •  Sexual Health
  •  Soil Research
  •  Wildlife Research

Society Journals

  • Australian Journal of Primary Health
  • Historical Records of Australian Science

*NB: This agreement includes read access to all journals listed above

Article types

CSIRO has not set a limit on article types that qualify for the agreement

Limitations of the agreement

  • Your paper must be accepted for publication between 1/1/2022 - 31/12/2022  (inclusive)
  •  Colour pages and reprints are not covered by this agreement and will incur a fee
  • The number of articles that will be accepted under this agreement with CSIRO is not limited

Creative Commons Licenses

You will select a Creative Commons license for your work as part of this process -  see the guide home page for information on these licenses.

How to submit your article under this agreement

  • Submit your article via Scholar One as per usual
  • Your eligibility will be automatically recognised via your email address or linked UC Ringgold ID
  • Instructions will then be provided on how to set up your article as open access

CSIRO Website: Read and Publish