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Read & Publish Agreements and Publisher Discounts: Sage

This guide explains Read & Publish open access agreements provided for UC researchers by the Library. These agreements remove Article Processing Fees payable by authors for open access publishing to included publishers and journals.

SAGE Publications - Read & Publish Agreement

The University of Canberra has a Read & Publish Agreement with Sage Publications for 2023-2025.

Journals included in this agreement

The 2024 agreement allows for publishing in 966 hybrid journals with no Article Processing Fees:

Hybrid journal title list with R&P inclusion status (airtable)

Titles not include in the agreement for open access publishing may still benefit from a 20% discount on open access article processing charges (APCs).

Please note: Sage's gold open access journals only offer a 20% discount on APCs - see the gold journal title list on Sage website.

Eligible article types

These article types qualify for the R&P agreement:

  • Original Research Papers
  • Review Papers
  • Brief Communications
  • Short Reports
  • Case Reports.

Limitations of the agreement

  • There is no cap on the number of articles that will be accepted under this agreement
  • Articles approved during the term of the agreement will be eligible for OA publishing 
  • Gold open access journals are not included, but are eligible for a 20% discount on APCs

Creative Commons licenses

Creative Commons licenses offered on SAGE journals include:

  • CC BY
  • CC BY NC

For more information on Creative Commons licenses see the home page of this guide.

How to submit your article

Each SAGE journal has its own Editorial office and its own Manuscript Submission guidelines.

To submit your article, go to the list of SAGE journals, search for the one you wish to submit to, click on the Manuscript Submission guidelines tab to get details on how to submit your article.

For help finding an open access journal, use the SAGE Journal Recommender – enter keywords and the title of your manuscript to search over 1,000 SAGE journals and compare those most relevant for your research. Search results can be limited to those participating in SAGE Path, a service that helps you quickly and easily find, submit, and get published with the right SAGE journal.

Authors will be identified as eligible for open access publishing by their 

  • email address
  • institutional affiliation

Authors must use their institutional email address when submitting an article for publication in order for the publication to be approved to be published open access with no transactional APCs.

Authors do not need to take any action to benefit from this offer. SAGE will contact all eligible authors to inform them of the agreement and invite them to the SAGE Open Access Portal to take up the offer as soon as their accepted article has been received into SAGE’s Production department.