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This guide provides you with links to online resources for Law

Books & e-books

Books provide essential background to a topic, contextualise the topic within a broader area of law and identify and examine issues in the law.

Books are an invaluable source of information for legal research.

Books can provide:

  • an in-depth understanding of a particular practice area, topic or concept
  • relevant case references
  • relevant legislation references
  • relevant journal references.

Some books are available as both e-books and in print, while others may only be available in a single format.

When searching the catalogue use an Advanced Search and limit your search by Year to reduce the chance of finding out-of-date material.

The library also has law e-books. You can find these in Library Search by doing a keyword search on an area of law, then, using the limiters on the left hand side of the page, limit your results to Books and Available Online, you can also change the date range of the results to show more recent publications.

Note: Make sure that the book(s) you use refer to the jurisdiction(s) related to the assignment. 

Suggest a purchase

Requests for new books (and other library materials) for the Law collection are welcomed from all staff and students. Suggest a purchase here.