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E-Books at UC Library

Guide to accessing and using e-books at University of Canberra.

User Guides for E-Books

Below is a Step-by-step guide to accessing and using UC Library e-books

Why Use E-Books?

UC Library has an e-preferred policy for buying books. This means that the Library will purchase the electronic version in preference to print. In doing so, the Library will take the suitability of format for particular discipline areas into consideration.

Why read an ebook?
• Increased availability (e-books can be accessed 24/7, from anywhere with an internet connection, not just when the Library is open)
• No waiting for a copy to become available if others are using it  (depending on the lending model)
• No late fines
• No possibility of losing or damaging e-books and having to pay replacement costs
• Additional functionality such as, can be read on many devices

E-Books in Academic Libraries (video)