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E-Books at UC Library

Guide to accessing and using e-books at University of Canberra.

Abour EBSCOhost Ebooks

EBSCOHost has a wide selection of e-books in the fields of science, social science, the arts and humanities. 

You can access EbscoHost e-books via the Library catalogue, searching on the topics you are interested in, the ebooks will appear in your results page. You can also browse ebooks via the EBSCOHost Ebooks database. When on the EBSCO EBook search page, you can click 'eBooks' on the top navigation bar to see the library's featured titles.

If you would like to personlaise your experience you can set up a EBSCOHost Account by following these steps -

How to create and manage my EBSCOHost account

Read Online

Once you have located the book you would like to read, you have a couple of options to read online. You can choose to read the entire book by uing the left tool bar and selecting either PDF Full Text or EPUB Full Text. 

To read chapters online click on the table of contents. Once you are in the table of contents, click on the chapter title to read each chapter.




To print pages from an EBSCOHost e-book:

1. Open the e-book at the chapter or first page of the section you wish to print. Or, open the chapter you would like to print from the Contents Page.

2. Click the "Save Pages" icon in the top toolbar, or the download button next to the chapter you require. This opens a panel where you can select "Current page and the next XX pages"  Enter the number of pages you wish to print or select current chapter

3. Click "Save PDF".  Open the saved PDF and select "Print".

** You can see from here the number of pages you can download and print


Download an entire book (if the option is available)
To download a book to read offline on your own computer or mobile device, you will need to sign in to your EBSCOhost Account as well as install free e-book viewing software. For more information on dowloading software for ebooks please see the download page in this guide. 

To download, click on the full download option in the left toolbar within the book details. 


You can find full instructions to downloading EBSCOHost ebooks via the link below:

Downloading EBSCOHost Ebooks 

If you can, we do recommend you select the "read online" option rather than downloading the book, this ensures that when you exit the book it is automatically available for someone else to use.