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E-Books at UC Library

Guide to accessing and using e-books at University of Canberra.

About ProQuest Ebook Central

ProQuest Ebook Central has a wide selection of e-books in all subject areas. These include: Architecture and Design, Education, Language, Health and Science.

You can access ProQuest Books via the Library catalogue, searching on the topics you are interested in, the ebooks will appear in your results page. Alternativley you can browse ebooks via the ProQuest Ebook Central Database. 

Reading online

Resding online is the easiest wat to access an e-book. This can be done on your personal PC or a UC PC. You can either read the entire book online by clicking the "read online" button pictured below or alternativly you can select a chapter to read as seen below. 

Reading a chapter online allows you to print and download without loaning the book for the entire loan period. This frees it up for others to use. 


Printing and copying allowances for each book are displayed on the Book Details page. This is the first page you clock on when accessing the book.  Once you have printed/chapter downloaded a page, the allowance automatically counts down. The allowance will reset after 24 hours, giving you the full number of pages to copy/print/download again.

To print a chapter, scroll down to the Table of contents and click the "read online" option next to the chapter you are interested in. Within the chapter view, look for the print icon (or PDF icon to save the chapter) in the top toolbar. Click on this and enter the number of pages you would like to print or select the whole chapter. 



Download a chapter

In the book information you will see Download PDF Chapter information, this tells you how many pages you can download within a 24 hour period, You can see the title below alows 117 pages to be downloaded at one time.

To Download a chapter, scroll down to the table of contents and click on "Download PDF" 

You can find more detailed instructions for Chapter downloading here - Chapter downloads in Ebook Central


Download the entire book

To download a book to read offline on your own computer or mobile device, click on the download book icon, below the image of the book. You will be required to install free e-book viewing software, for information on this please see the Downloading page within this guide. 

If you can, we do recommend you select the "read online" option rather than downloading the book, this ensures that when you exit the book it is automatically available for someone else to use.