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E-Books at UC Library

Guide to accessing and using e-books at University of Canberra.

How much can I print?

E-books are subject to the normal copyright restrictions for books, which allow some printing/copying for educational purposes. You can find out more about copyright on our Copyright Guide

There is a limit to how much can be printed or copied, and this is governed by Digital Rights Management, or DRM. You can view your print and copy allowances when you select the print or copy options.

Your remaining print and copy balances will also be displayed here if you have previously printed or copied from the title.

Regardless of whether you copy an entire page of text, or simple one line, e-book vendors count this as one page of copy allowance. The DRM tracks your printing and copying usage to ensure that the limits are not exceeded. You will be blocked from printing or copying once you reach this limit.

For information on printing form our ebook platforms, please see the specific platforms within this guide.