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UC Referencing Guide

Web Site


Number. Author AA. Title of site [Internet]. Location: Publisher; Year Month Day of publication [updated Year Month Day; cited Year Month Day]. Available from: http://xxxxx


3. Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. DEEWR Website [Internet]. Canberra: DEEWR; 2009 [cited 2009 Nov 21]. Available from:

6. International Narcotics Control Board [Internet]. Vienna: United Nations; 1999 [cited 1999 Oct 1]. Available from:

Web Document

General guidelines

To cite only one component of a Web site, such as a specific page or pages, first determine whether or not the component can stand alone and be cited separately. A book or other monograph, a journal, or a database on a Web site should be cited according to the instructions for the particular type of format.


Number. Title of Website [Internet]. Location: Publisher; Year of publication. Title of page; Year Month Day of publication [cited Year Month Day]; [about xx screens]. Available from: http://xxxxx


8. Action Research & Action Learning for Community & Organisational Change [Internet]. [place unknown]: Bob Dick; 2012 Feb 6. A beginner's guide to action research; 2000 [cited 2012 Jul 3]; [about 8 screens]. Available from:

9. Physics Education Server at Buffalo State College [Internet]. Buffalo (NY): Dan MacIsaac; [date unknown]. An introduction to action research; 1996 [cited 2012 Jul 3]; [about 7 screens]. Available from:

12. University of Canberra Website [Internet]. Canberra: University of Canberra; 2012. Copyright guide, version 14; 2011 May 24 [cited 2012 Nov 12]; [about 42 screens]. Available from:

Relevant Chapter in Citing Medicine

EndNote Reference Type

Web site - Electronic Book (Enter cited date in Year Cited and Date Cited, Website name in Title)

Web document - Web Page (Enter Website name in Series Title, page name in Title, Year of website publication in Year, Date of page publication in Last Update Date, about xx screens in Description)

Citing a Source Within a Source

When citing a source you haven't read yourself, but which is referred to in a source you have read.

In-text reference

Lilly as cited in Maxwell (3) stated that '...'

Burton (5) quoted Schwartz ...


3. Maxwell F. Phonology. San Franisco: Brooks Cole; 1999.

5. Burton L, Westen D, Kowalski R. Psychology. Milton (Australia): Wiley; 2009.

No Author / Editor

If no author or editor is present, start your reference with the Title of the item.


5. Macroeconomics, prices and quantities: essays in memory of Arthur M. Okun. Oxford: Blackwell; 1983.

No Location / No Publisher / No Year

If no location is present substitute an inferred place [Chicago?] or the phrase [place unknown].

If no publisher is present substitute the phrase [publisher unknown].

If no year is present substitute an approximate date [1976?] or the phrase [date unknown].


7. Smythe V. Ant colonies: how they communicate. Canberra: Emu Press; [2007?].

12. Browne JD. Forensic science as a career. London: Tower Publishing; [date unknown].

16. Hawaii [map on the Internet]. [place, publisher, date unknown] [cited 2012 Jul 20]. Available from: