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UC Referencing Guide

Book Chapter


Chapter Author. Year of publication. "Title of Section." In Title of Book, edited by Editorspages. Location: Publisher. DOI or URL

Chapter Author. Year of publication. "Title of Section." Chap. x in Title of Book, edited by Editors. Location: Publisher. DOI or URL


Fullan, Michael. 1996. "Leadership for Change." In International Handbook for Educational Leadership and Administration, edited by Kenneth Leithwood, Judith Chapman, David Corson, Philip Hallinger and Ann Hart, 701-22. New York: Kluwer Academic.

Levin, Charles, Christine Ury, Christine M. Koggel and Allanah Furlong. 2003. "Welcoming Big Brother: The Malaise of Confidentiality in the Therapeutic Culture." In Confidential Relationships, 61-81. Amsterdam: Editions Rodopi BV.

Richards, K. C. 1997. "Views on Globalization." In Australia in a Global World, edited by H. L. Vivaldi, 29-43. North Ryde, Australia: Century.

"Neglected Global Epidemics: Three Growing Threats." 2003. Chap. 6 in World Health Report 2003: Shaping the Future. Geneva: World Health Organization.

Rose, Patti Renee. 2011. "Cultural Competence and Women of Color." Chap. 11 in Cultural Competency for Health Administration and Public Health. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett.

No Author / Editor

Note: If the author, editor, translator, of the like is unknown, the reference should start with the title.  Works attributed to "Anonymous" should use this as the author.


Title of Work. Year of publication. Edition. Location: Publisher. URL

Anonymous. Year of publication. Title of Work. Edition. Location: Publisher. URL


Anonymous. 1796. On the Prosodies of teh Greek and Latin Languages. London.

Macroeconomics, Prices and Quantities: Essays in Memory of Arthur M. Okun. 1983. Oxford: Blackwell.

No Location / Publisher / Year

If the location is unknown, the abbreviation n.p. takes the place of the location.

If the publisher is unknown, just enter the location and date.

If the year is unknown, the abbreviation n.d. or an estimated year in brackets bakes the place of the year.


Browne, J. D. n.d. Forensic Science as a Career. London: Tower.

Smythe, V. [2007?]. Ant Colonies: How They Communicate. Canberra: Emu.

Citing a Source Within a Source

It is always better to read the original source of a quote, however, you may not always have access to the original source. When citing a source you haven't read yourself, but which is referred to in a source you have read, include the original author and date in the text and cite the secondary source.

In-text reference

Schwartz 1987 (quoted in Burton, Westen and Kowalski 2009, p.576) stated that "..."


 Burton, Lorelle, Drew Westen and Robin Kowalski. 2009. Psychology. 2nd ed. Milton, Australia: Wiley.

EndNote Reference Type

Book Section  or  Electronic Book Section