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UC Referencing Guide

UN Yearbook

Format - Yearbook Organised by Year

Number 'Title of Work' [Year of Publication] Title of Yearbook Starting Page, Pinpoint.

Format - Yearbook Organised by Volume

Number 'Title of Work' (Year of Publication) Volume(Part) Title of Yearbook Starting Page, Pinpoint.


2 ‘National Legislation Providing for the Levying of Certain Air Travel Taxes — The United Nations Should Be Exempt from Such Taxes under Section 7(a) of the Convention on the privileges and Immunities of the United Nations’ [1973] United Nations Juridical Yearbook 132, 135.

6 'Developments and Trends, 2007' (2007) 32(II) United Nations Disarmament Yearbook 3, 4.

UN Document


Number Author, Title of Document, Resolution or Decision Number, Official Records, Committee Number, Session, Part, Meeting Number, Agenda Item, Supplement Number, UN Document Number (Day Month Year of Publication) Annex Pinpoint.


13 Millennium Summit of the United Nations, GA Res 54/254, UN GAOR, 54th sess, 93rd plen mtg, Agenda Item 49(b), Supp No 49, UN Doc A/RES/54/254 (23 March 2000, adopted 15 March 2000) para 3.

15 Sub-Commission on the Promotion and protection of Human Rights, Norms on the Responsibilities of Transnational Corporations and Other Business Enterprises with Regard to Human Rights, UN ESCOR, 55th sess, 22nd mtg, Agenda Item 4, UN Doc E/CN.4/Sub.2/2003/12/Rev.2 (13 August 2003).


Examples taken from Australian Guide to Legal Citation 3rd Edition.

EndNote Reference Type

UN documents have no format in EndNote and must be entered manually.

Citing a Source Within a Source

When a source is directly quoted in another work enter the reference as:

Full source, quoting Full source

Lorelle Burton, Drew Weston and Robin Kowalski, Psychology (Milton, 2nd ed, 2009), quoting J C Overholser, 'Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Social Phobia' (2002) 32 Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy 125.

When a source is cited (or just mentioned) in another work enter the reference as:

Full source, cited in Full source

G E Schwartz, 'Personality and Health: An Integrative health Science Approach' in VP Makosky (ed), The G. Stanley Hall Lecture Series: Vol 7 (American Psychological Association, 1987), cited in Lorelle Burton, Drew Weston and Robin Kowalski, Psychology (Milton, 2nd ed, 2009) 576.