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UC Referencing Guide

Reference List Format

References are listed in numerical order.  The number sits to the left of the text.

[1]       T. Pitman, "The evolution of the student as a customer in Australian higher education: a policy perspective," Aust. Educ. Res., vol. 43, no. 3, pp. 345-359, May 2016, doi: 10.1007/s13384-016-0204-9.

[2]       L. Baiazitova, J. Skopalik, V. Cmiel, J. Chmelik, O. Svoboda and I Provaznik, "Modern semi-automatic set-up for testing cell migration with impact for therapy of yocardial infarction," in IFMBE Proc., May 2019, vol. 68, 3 ed., pp. 155-159, doi: 10.1007/978-981-10-9023-3_28.

[3]       J. Chapman, C. Landis and S. Smith, "The development of a library Research Methods course for online graduate students in education," in Information Literacy Programs in the Digital Age: Educating College and University Students Online, A. Daugherty and M. F. Russo, Eds. Chicago, IL, USA: Association of College and Research Libraries, 2007, ch. 3, pp. 13-22.


There are no guidelines for Artwork in the IEEE Reference Guide.  The Library will use Unpublished Material.


A. Creator, "Title of work', description, Repository, Month, Year. Available: URL.


R. G. Rivers, "Under the jacaranda," oil on canvas, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, 1903. Available:

A. Rodin, "The thinker," bronze and marble sculpture, Musee Rodin, Paris, 1902.

Artwork in a Book

There are no guidelines for Artwork in a Book in the IEEE Reference Guide.  They Library will use Book Chapter.


A. Creator, "Title of work," description, in Title of Book, A. Author or E. Editor, Ed. City of Publication, State (US only), Country: Publisher, Year, ch.x, sec. x, pp. xx-xx. [Online]. Available: URL.


V. van Gough, "The starry night," painting, in Art: Everything You Need to Know About the Greatest Artists and Their Works, S. Hodge. United Kingdom: Quercus, 2014, p. 189.