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UC Referencing Guide

Newspaper Article


Hyperlink the title if the item is available online.  If the document you are producing is print only, enter the URL after the last full stop.

If there is no author enter the name of the Newspaper in place of the Author.

Format - with Author

Author AA (Day Month Year) 'Title of article', Title of Newspaper, accessed Day Month Year.

Format - without Author

Title of Newspaper (Day Month Year) 'Title of article', Title of Newspaper, accessed Day Month Year.


Darby A (20 August 2002) 'Rarest tiger skin a rugged survivor', Sydney Morning Herald, accessed 12 June 2012.

Waterford J (30 May 2007) 'Bill of Rights gets it wrong', The Canberra Times.

Clark E (13 July 2003) 'Enforcement, not shortage of laws, at the heart of spam's virulent growth', The Canberra Times, accessed 25 July 2003.

The Canberra Times (7 April 2021) 'Baby zebra arrives at National Zoo', The Canberra Times, accessed 3 June 2021.

EndNote Reference Type

Newspaper Article

If there is no author enter the name of the Newspaper in the Reporter field as well as the Newspaper field.

Citing a Source Within a Source

There are no formal guidelines for citing a source within a source in the Style Manual.  These instructions are based on the guidelines in the 6th edition of the Style Manual.

When citing a source you haven't read yourself, but which is referred to in a source you have read.

In-text reference

Lilly (as cited in Maxwell 1999:25) stated that '...'

'...' (Schwartz as cited in Burton, Westen and Kowalski 2009:63)

Reference list

Maxwell F (1999) Phonology, Brooks Cole, San Francisco.

Burton L, Westen D and Kowalski R (2009) Psychology, Wiley, Milton, Qld.

No Location / No Publisher / No Year

General guidelines

The place of publication can be omitted if no place is known.

There are no guidelines for citing works with no publisher in the Style Manual. Consult your lecturer before citing material without a publisher.

If the date is not known - substitute n.d. in place of the year.

Format - no date

Author AA (n.d.) Title of work, Publisher, Location.


Browne JD (n.d.) Forensic science as a career, Tower, London.