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UC Referencing Guide

Artificial Intelligence / Nonrecoverable Sources

Works that cannot be accessed by your reader are considered nonrecoverable sources.  This includes personal emails, nonarchived social media, and output from paraphrasing and artificial intelligence sites.  There are no guidelines regarding nonrecoverable sources.  The Library is following the guidelines for correspondence.  Correspondence can be cited either in-text or in a note.

Format - In-text only

Description Month Day, Year

Examples - In-text only

In advice from healthdirect to the author on January 4, 2023, healthdirect advised that...

...(Grammarly paraphrase to the author 5:30pm, December 14, 2022).

Format - Note

Number. Site, type of request, Time, Month Day, Year.

Examples - Note
  1. Healthdirect, advice to author, 7:30am, January 19, 2023.
  2. Grammarly, paraphrase, 5:30pm, January 19, 2023.
  3. ChatGPT, paragraph from request ‘provide a short introduction to the Australian legal system’, 9:30am, January 19, 2023.